F R E Q U E N T L Y   A S K E D

Q:   Why should we restore the lighthouse?

A:    There are three basic reasons to restore the Round Island Lighthouse.

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  1. The lighthouse is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is a major cultural asset cherished by most Pascagoula residents past and present.
  2. Federal funding is available to finance the restoration project.
  3. The restoration project is the key to preserving the history of our waterfront community and will provide a wonderful destination for tourists to the area. 

Q:   Who is paying to restore the lighthouse?

A:   The project is currently financed by a grant from FEMA disaster assistance funds set aside for historic preservation, a grant from the Mississippi Department of Archives and History, and private donations.  

Q:   Did the lighthouse project use FEMA disaster assistance money that would have been spent on homes and/or businesses?

A:  No. This was additional money that was only available for historic preservation.

Q:   What is the plan to restore the lighthouse?

A:   The first phase was to recover the lighthouse remains. That step is complete and the recovered historic material is in secure storage. The next phase is to remove the base of the lighthouse from Round Island and prepare it from transport to the mainland.  Once the site work is complete at the new location next to the Highway 90 high rise bridge as drivers enter Pascagoula, the base will be set in place.  The site will connect to the Pascagoula Historic Pathway, a two mile long walking path which will begin construction in Summer 2010.  This portion of the project is fully funded.

The final phase will be to rebuild the tower using primarily salvaged bricks and re-light the original lens.  We are currently raising funds for this portion of the project through grants and private and commercial sponsorships.

Q:   How will this benefit the people of Pascagoula?

A:   There are three major benefits to the people of Pascagoula.

Financial benefits

Economic Development 锟� The Round Island Lighthouse provide the City with a new tourist destination, brining visitors to eat, sleep, and shop in Pascagoula.


Jobs – New business and tourism will create new jobs.


Preserve Heritage 锟� We will save a defining cultural and historical asset.


Renew City – We beautify and restore our historic waterfront and downtown.


Build Pride – We increase our community pride and sense of place.


Local Image – Surrounding communities will view our city as a place that turns disaster into triumph. They will see a community that gets things done and respects its heritage.


State Image – We will become a must see location for Mississippians traveling to the coast. State economic development and historic preservation officials will learn that we are good civic partners and will be more likely to send other similar projects our way.


National Image – We would have national historical standing and could become a national tourist destination that offers a unique historical and cultural experience. We would be perceived as a good place to live and work, thereby enhancing our ability to attract other good businesses to our city.

Q:   What public entities are supporting the lighthouse restoration?


U. S. Senator Roger Wicker
U.S. Congressman Gene Taylor
Former U.S. Senator Trent Lott
Miss. Department of Archives and History
Federal Emergency Management Agency
City of Pascagoula
Round Island Lighthouse Preservation Society
Cobb Institute of Archaeology – Miss. State University
Jackson County Historical and Genealogical Society




Round Island Lighthouse Preservation Society
P.O.Box 1059
Pascagoula, MS 39568