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 Traditional T-Shirt $15.00$4.00/per$
 Tank Top T-Shirt (circle one)  Male    Female $15.00$4.00/per$
 Coffee Mug-NA-$8.00$4.00/per$
 Art Prints:    
 *Print #1: The Little Lighthouse That Could-NA-$20.00$4.00/per$
 *Print #2: Sanctuary-NA-$30.00$4.00/per$
 *Print #3: Round Island At Sunset-NA-$20.00$4.00/per$
 *Print #5: Lord Help Me-NA-$45.00$4.00/per$
 *Print #11: Schooner-NA-$20.00$4.00/per$
 *NOTE: All of these prints are limited edition. Prior to sending an order to the above address send an email and verify that the print you would like is still available. 
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Print and fill out form and mail your check or money order for total amount to:RILPS
P.O.Box 1034
Pascagoula, MS  39568-1034
Make check or money order out to “RILPS”.  Be sure to include the name, address and phone number.  Also be sure to include the style and size of shirt required.

Please PRINT OUT this order form,
fill out and mail to RILPS to place your order.